About Lampson International

Lampson International has been a worldwide leader in the Heavy Lift and Transport industry for over 70 years. Originally started as a small drayage company, they quickly grew into one of the most innovative and respected providers of equipment and full-service rigging services in the United States and abroad.

The introduction of the Lampson crawler transporter in the early 1970’s laid the groundwork for what has become the most versatile heavy lift system on the market. Today, crawler transporters are designed for safe, efficient movement of heavy outsize cargo on roads whose surfaces are not conducive to rubber tired transport methods. These track driven transporters are equipped with individual side by side drive trains, which allow unmatched maneuverability in congested areas. Manufactured in capacities from 400 to 4000 US tons with draw bar pull values exceeding 2 million pounds, the Lampson crawler transporter is a true workhorse of the industry.

As the need for cranes with larger capacities, higher hook heights and increased lift radii were required, Neil F. Lampson proposed the construction of a 1000 US ton lift crane that not only had the needed capacity, but retained all the functionality of a conventional mobile crane. In 1978, Neil F. Lampson, Inc. engineered, manufactured, assembled and tested the first Lampson Transi-Lift® for use at a nuclear construction site in the United States. Using the already industry tested crawler transporter as a mobile foundation and equipped with multi-drum hoists, the Transi-Lift® started work on a nuclear project and exceeded all expectations.

Since the introduction of the first Transi-Lift®, Lampson International, LLC. has continued to improve upon its original design. Transi-Lifts® are now available in several models ranging from 350 US tons to 3000 US tons. Innovations in design and materials have not only accommodated higher capacities, but have had the added benefit of reducing assembly times and transportation costs.

In addition to the crawler transporters and the Transi-Lift® mobile crane, Lampson International fields a fleet of over 350 major pieces of equipment ranging from RT and AT hydraulic cranes, lattice boom truck cranes, conventional crawler cranes – including Manitowoc 999, 2250 and 18000 models. These cranes are rented to the general construction industry, both operated and maintained, and under bare lease agreements. We also offer several lines of both towable and self propelled platform trailers.

As an adjunct to its proprietary lift and transport equipment manufacturing capabilities, Lampson International also designs and builds custom heavy lift rigging gear for its own use and for sale to the construction industry. Lampson, with it’s manufacturing capabilities and vast experience in heavy rigging and engineering, offers lift and transport solutions to a wide variety of clients worldwide.



Lampson International is committed to providing the highest possible customer satisfaction through excellence in service, equipment reliability, and professional personnel.

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