Lampson Custom Rigging

In addition to being a lift and transport equipment provider, Lampson International provides full service Rigging Engineering to clients utilizing our equipment, as well as to the general construction industry. Knowledge gained from years of experience, coupled with innovative thinking and newly available methodology, Lampson International offers safe, cost effective solutions to complex rigging problems around the world.

As both a manufacturer and an end user, Lampson International offers a unique perspective on rigging problem solving. By having intimate knowledge of the equipment, its capabilities, and limitations as seen during actual operations, Lampson can develop rigging systems and methods that take full advantage of an equipment’s capabilities, while avoiding its operational limitations.

Lampson International designs and manufactures specialized lift rigging consisting of lift frames, links, spreader beams and bars. Many of which are adjustable to accommodate a variety of components, weights and shifting center-of-gravities, without having to make complete rigging change outs for subsequent lifts. With heavy steel fabrication capabilities at its US headquarters, Lampson can design, fabricate and test rigging components to any relevant code or standard before arranging for shipment via road, rail or ocean to anywhere in the world.

Project Rigging Engineers are stationed at both the Lampson Headquarters, and the Lampson Branch Offices. These Project Engineers work intimately with their assigned projects from conception to completion to allow continuity from initial design and fabrication to in-field application. Lampson takes a team approach to engineering and supports and assists the Branch Offices from Headquarters assigning additional engineers to them as required or providing any other technical or commercial assistance needed.

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