Lampson LDC-350 Dynamic Compactor

The Lampson LDC-350 Dynamic Compactor is a purpose-designed machine able to withstand the rigors of dynamic compaction work. Specifically engineered for vigorous duty cycle work it offers innovative features that reduce equipment wear and increase safety and ease of operation.

The LDC-350 consists of a rigid upper unit fixed to a mobile Crawler Transporter, eliminating the use of a problematic rotating bearing. The heavy duty boom is positioned by fore-stay and back-stay  pendants that eliminate “boom whip” during operations. The Lampson designed and manufactured hoist assures quick cycle times and positive braking, while still imparting maximum impact force to the ground.

Specifications Brochure

Basic Specifications

  • Rapid Response Operator Controls
  • Elevated Operators Cab for Safety and Operator Visibility
  • Single Part Line Pull of 100,000 Pounds
  • Single Part Line Speeds up to 85 fpm
  • Drops Heights Exceeding 110′
  • Drop Weights Exceeding 60,000 Pounds
  • Pin Connections for Easy Assembly and Transport

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