Lampson Millennium 4600 Crawler Crane

The Lampson 4600 Millennium Crawler Crane combines the structural integrity and versatility of the Manitowoc 4600 with the safety and ease of operation of the new generation hydraulic operating system cranes. The modernized power train consists of an eco-friendly Tier 3/4i Cummins Engine driving state-of-the-art Comer drum planetaries. Operating controls have been modernized with computer enhanced electronic joysticks controlling all operating functions of the crane. The control system allows tandem drum operating abilities for situations requiring endless reeving. All Millennium series cranes are equipped with LSI load monitoring systems to further enhance safe lift operations.

The Lampson Millennium Crawler Crane meets or exceeds the capabilities of all cranes in the 350 ton capacity class. Offered at a more economical price point, these cranes ensure your projects the utmost safety, reliability, and cost savings. By utilizing the available Manitowoc Ringer heavy lift attachment, the capacity can be increased to a maximum of 750 tons. The Lampson 4600 Millennium also accepts the Manitowoc attachment to increase available hook height and reach capabilities.

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Available Equipment

  • Ringer Attachments
  • Tower Attachments
  • Standard Jibs

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