Conventional Crane Leasing & Sales

Lampson International operates and maintains one of the largest crane rental fleets in North America. This fleet, consisting mainly of Manitowoc Cranes is considered to be one of the most highly maintained in the industry. Lampson Service Technicians are ready to respond to your service and repair requirements around the clock from locations located in the U.S. and Canada.

With over 500 pieces of major equipment in the Lampson fleet, strategically placed at depots in both U.S. and Canada, your projects needs can be quickly accommodated.

Attachments include Ringers, Towers, Standard and Luffing Jibs, MAXERS and Wind Atttachments.

Rental Brochure

Available Equipment

Crawler Mounted
MEC 18000, MEC 16000, MEC 2250, MEC 14000, MEC 777, MEC 10000, MEC 222, MEC 4600, MEC 4100, MEC 999, MEC 4000, MEC 3900, MEC M250, Kobelco CK 2500, Kobelco CK 1000

Rough Terrain
L/Belt RTC 80100, L/Belt RTC 8075, L/Belt RTC 8060, Grove RT 9150, Grove RT 650, Grove RT 860, Grove RT 760

All Terrain
L/Belt 218, L/Belt 348, L/Belt HTC50, L/Belt HTC860, Grove GMK 5170, Grove GMK 5225, Grove TMS 500, Grove TMS 475, Grove TMS 250, Liebherr LTM1120, Liebherr LTM1080, Liebherr LR 1300

Lattice Truck
MEC 3900T, MEC 777

MEC Ringer, MEC Towers, MEC MAXER, Luffing Jibs, Standard Jibs, Wind Attachments

Rent a conventional crane from our large fleet.