Lampson Manufacturing

Lampson International maintains a fully equipped fabrication, assembly, remanufacture, finishing, and test facility at its headquarters in Washington State, USA. These facilities boast all the capabilities required to fabricate heavy equipment including, welding shops, machining facilities, laser guided flame and plasma arc cutting, sheet metal working, mechanical shops and load testing facilities. All of the shops are outfitted with overhead cranes to provide for ease of positioning of heavy weldments during fabrication activities.

The main fabrication facilities can accommodate large components during construction in fully or partially assembled states. Most fabrication is accomplished using high strength low alloy steels for strong light weight components. Lampson pioneered a method for successful welding of these steels over twenty years ago, by utilizing lower strength electrodes to achieve a defect free, ductile weld in highly restrained weldments.

Two machine shops are in constant service, one to provide machine work for new equipment fabrication and the other for fleet maintenance. Both shops are fully equipped with long bed lathes, milling machines, boring machines, horizontal and vertical mills, and many other types of machining equipment.

The assembly and test facility is conveniently located close to major highways, immediately adjacent to a major rail line and within short distance of a barge facility with both lift loading and roll-on capabilities.

Lampson can provide manufacturing for your custom project needs.