Crawler Transporters

These rugged, dependable and powerful diesel engine driven machines are the world’s most proven Crawler Transporters for hauling of heavy outsize loads in difficult terrain and extreme environments. Independent Track Drives give these transporters exceptional maneuverability in the most confining spaces.

Lampson Crawler Transporters are equipped with the patented Rolli-Flex® track roller suspension system. This design provides each roller with resilient vertical motion allowing uniform load sharing on all rollers.

Simplified controls allow rapid operator training and maximum operational safety. Couple this with the ability to be disassembled and transported by conventional over-the-road trucks and you have the best choice for heavy transport projects worldwide.

Specifications Brochure

General Specifications

  • 400 to 4000 U.S. Ton Unit Capacities
  • Independent Track Drives for Maneuverability
  • Smooth Torque Converter Control
  • Continuous Variable Speed Turning
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Pin Connected for Ease of Maintenance and Operation
  • Ascending/Descending of Grades Exceeding 10%
  • Hydraulic Bolster Systems Available

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