Steel Mat Rental

Lampson has in stock steel crane foundation mats for lease or sale individually or as part of an equipment rental package. Standard 4’x16’ steel crane mats are constructed of fully welded 8’x12” steel tubing and are fabricated with internal forklift pockets for ease of unloading and placement. These steel mats allow for better ground bearing enhancements as well as resistance to moisture and rot, commonly seen in wooden mats. “Mudboats” are constructed of 14×159 pound wide flange I-Beams, which are welded together with integral moment pin connections at each end allowing the mats to be structurally linked together for a continuous load transferring surface. These mats can be fitted with transition ramps to allow usage as loading and unloading ramp systems for shore to barge operations or other similar situations. The possibilities for the usage of these mats in the construction industry is bound only by your imagination. 

Rent your next steel mat from Lampson.