Duportail Bridge


In 2019 Lampson partnered with Apollo Inc. to plan and execute the lift and placement of the Duportail Bridge spans. The Lampson Transi-Lift LTL-1100 with 380’ of boom and 1600 kips of counterweight were utilized for the project. The largest girder was 175’ in length and weighed 228,000 pounds with rigging. The longest reach was 320’. The Duportail Bridge was a combined state and City of Richland project, estimated at 25 million dollars. Lampson International supplied concrete test weights for Apollo to utilize to build a pad 20’ out into the Yakima river in order to reach the Queensgate side of the bridge. We set 50 girders in four weeks and had the crane dismantled and offsite in two weeks in accordance with Apollo’s schedule. The main challenge of the project was the constant changing of the water level which was monitored on every lift.


Client: Apollo, Inc.
Location: Richland, Washington
Completed: 2019

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