Our client hired us to ensure that the completed Rebar cage was lifted into position utilizing the Lampson Transi-Lift LTL-1100 Crane. Lampson was required to load out, ship to site and assemble a CK-1000 lift crane, a Manitowoc 14000 lift crane and the Lampson Transi-Lift LTL-1100. This request came with the requirement to do all of that and be ready to lift within 20 days, which was achieved.

Engineering for the lift was provided by the Lampson Engineering department supervised by Engineering Projects Manager, Randy Stemp. The engineer for this project was Mr. Michael Zerba, PE. The rigging gear was provided by the existing Lampson inventory, resulting in tremendous cost savings over newly purchased rigging gear. Michael Zerba provided precise CG calculations which proved to be spot on during the lift. The Project Superintendent was Iron Worker Mike Evanson, who is a seasoned Lampson veteran. His crew consisted of Second Superintendent Tim Debord, Crawler Transporter Operators Butch Forbis and Gary Marcotte and Hoist Operator Doyle Jordan. On-site safety support was provided by Bruce Stemp, Lampson Safety Director.

The Lampson Team provided flawless operations in rigging, lifting and placing the rebar cage for which the Total Lifted Load was close to 400 tons. Logistic support was provided by Steve Helton and Peter Lampson with additional support for Lampson Denver, Pasco and Canada. Additional logistic support was provided by Tony Cornwell and his crew back in Georgia in conditioning and loading out the required steel crane mats. Finally, the Lampson Pasco crew provided additional logistic support. The project was on time and on budget with no safety issues of any kind. Once again Lampson demonstrated its ability to be proactive, perform and be cost-effective.


Client: Kennecott Mine
Location: Utah
Completed: 2020

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