Lampson International worked at the GCC Cement Dacotah Plant in Rapid City, SD for the CCC Group.  We had on site one of our Manitowoc 18000’s with a luffing attachment, which is building a new addition to the existing plant. This crane was equipped with 180’ Main boom and a 230’ luffing jib. The project lasted 12 months. 

One of the challenges we faced was overhead obstructions limiting our on ground boom assembly of the main boom and luffing jib, leaving the rest to be assembled in the air. For this procedure, we requested Manitowoc’s assistance to design an in air assembly procedure. This required utilizing a LinkBelt 248 Crawler Crane and a LinkBelt 8065 RTC. The LinkBelt 248 supported the attached 120’ of luffing jib, while the LinkBelt 8065 assisted with installing the remaining boom sections. This process took around 12 hours to complete.


Client: CCC Group
Location: Rapid City, SD
Completed: 2017

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