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Advantages of Hydro Cranes

Hydro cranes offer several distinct advantages over other types of cranes, making them a preferred choice for many lifting operations. One notable advantage is their quick assembly time. They can be made ready to lift much quicker than standard cranes and are perfect when schedule constraints demand a quick response. Precise control is another key […]

Applications and Capabilities of Heavy-Duty Cranes

Heavy-duty cranes play a vital role in various industries, including construction, oil and gas, mining, and heavy industrial projects. Their robust design and high lifting capacities enable them to handle extremely heavy loads that would otherwise be impossible with conventional cranes. From lifting massive construction materials to hoisting heavy machinery components, heavy-duty cranes excel in […]

Safety Considerations for Conventional Crane Operations

Proper rigging techniques are also vital for safe crane operations. Rigging involves attaching the load securely to the crane using both wire rope slings and high performance slings, in addition to  other rigging attachment  equipment. It is essential to follow industry best practices and regulations to ensure the load is properly balanced and supported. Regular […]

Lampson Event Recap

SC&RA Annual Conference – We were delighted to attend the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC this Spring.  This amazing conference is focused on owners, CEO’s, managers and industry leaders who meet to attend education sessions, committee meetings, receptions and the Job of the Year competitions.  We were also very excited in that Lampson […]